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A Classic Case.
hi. My name is whitney and i'm currently eating a fruit by the foot while thinking about what a negative and whiny bitch i've become.

Edit: I got a paper cut on the fruit by the foot wrapper.
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it is going to snow and it almost feels like christmas time. I love christmas.

i dropped my math class finally
wahoo! i love life

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my mom has to have surgery tomorrow for like the nine hundredth time. This time it isn't really expected but the doctor fucked up last time and she has a giant hole in her boob. You would think life screwed you hard enough with the cancer.
Oh well. At least she's alive.

We put up the tree tonight. It looks pretty and it was fun to do.

Boo to the bears for losing the game tonight. Boo on grossman for being a baby.
He definitely gets all the blame from the public. In some ways I feel bad for him. ( for about 2.4532 seconds.)

Anywho. I hate luckybrand jeans at oakbrook and if you ever go into the mall you should try on 9000 pairs of jeans especially if there is a tall gay man working. Act like you are going to buy them and then right at the closing point tell him that you had no intention of buying and you are going to go to woodfield the next day with your mom and just wanted to see which fit was the best.


i'm so evil.

I'm so glad I quit that manipulative evil jerkface. Worst JOB EVER!

PLUS two of my jeans have ripped from there. GRR

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Brian found a reciept for cigarettes in my purse because I accidently left it at his house and he was looking for my phone.
Last night he was kissing my hand and asked me if i had been smoking.
I didn't want to lie so I said, "Yes."

Now he keeps talking about how many people I could be hurting just because I feel like smoking cigarettes. My mom had breast cancer and he says i'm increasing my chances of getting it. How will my sister and my parents feel if I get cancer from smoking? Someday I'll have kids and how will they be affected by it? (I don't have answers to these. nope.)


I know this sounds dumb but I just don't think i'm going to be able to quit because my heart isn't in it. I love smoking cigarettes. I love the pleasant buzz that arrives if I inhale too fast on a quick break or with my first cigarette early in the morning. I love the ease my body feels on a stressful day once a cigarette hits my lips. I love socializing smoking cigarettes comes with. How many good conversations have you had over tobacco and tar? How could I quit a habit that brings me such delight?

save me.
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throw a party and invite me.
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Life is interesting.

Jobs are lame.

I'm so in love it's squirting out my eyeballs.

I should be sleeping but instead i'm shopping.

Did I mention I'm broke?

I cannot wait for the holidays!
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bakers square w/ me pleaase?
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The love that you cherish so often may perish and leaves you with castles and air

The end came today.

Driving me home from high school every day
Small social gatherings at my house
Doing it for the first time
Going to the pool in the summer
your dad never coming home, getting sick and dying. Just like that.
Going to my Lake house
Getting to know both of our families
Going to the lake house with just us Joe and Heather
Going to cici's pizza. Yuck.
McDonald's breakfasts
Parents going out of town
The bears=the only thing you ever loved more than me
Bone thugs n Harmony and Tom petty.
"Really likes your peaches wanna shake your tree"
Getting out hair cut together
Going to Door County together
Becoming apart of your family
waving in our cars
going to the dog park
packing lunches

I don't think i do this again. I just lost my fucking best fucking friend. My best fucking friend.

Current Music: memphis

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Life is a hard thing to balance out.

I am still listening to andrew bird.

I am still dating brian.

I got a brand new cell phone.

I don't have anyone's number that i used to so you should send it to me.

My sister is getting married and I am her maid of honor

I am still getting all A's and one D

Greys Anatomy was a RERUN tonight :(

My boss has been kind lately

The holidays are coming

I'm asking people to be my friend on myspace

I'm thinking Life feels pretty good.

Current Location: MY BED
Current Mood: content content
Current Music: the happy birthday, andrew bird

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